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I make your products and services appealing by creating the branding your customers are looking for.

Hi. I’m Sarah.

I'm a mother of two, a wife of one, a part-time sugar-free-muesli-maker and, you guessed it, I’m a designer.

Welcome to my about page, where you'll find all the stuff I do. [Well, that's sort of what you'll find.]

The truth is, ‘what I do’ is pretty reliant on ‘what you do’, so I say we start from the beginning and go from there...

Here’s what I do.

I specialise in helping small, passionate businesses create the brand that their clients desire, and I do it all in a simple, one-step-at-a-time way so you never get lost or overwhelmed as we craft your ideal visual identity.

Naturally, this involves making all your ‘designed’ things...

  • I make logos and social media kits;

  • I design cool packaging and merchandise;

  • I spruce up documents and templates to make them clear and consistent with your overall look;

  • I make websites and of course;

  • I design all those other odds and ends that you’re gonna need like signs and business cards and (other things).

So that's what I do, but like I said, that's just half the story - let's get specific.


Here’s what I do if {you are just getting started}.

If you’re trying to get your project off the ground, I do the most important thing there is; I make your project look legitimate by working with you to create your first professional brand. I give you that ‘established business’ look from the beginning and help you avoid those silly design blunders that are gonna cost you time and money later (and drive your potential customers away).

I set you up properly, so that when your business is ready for it, you can scale easily.

I stay true to your vision, and your values so you end up with an aesthetic you can truly be proud of.

Most of all, I give you the confidence to get your stuff out there and show the world what you’ve been working on.

Already past the 'getting started' phase?


Here’s what I do if {you're trying to turn your ‘side hustle’ into your ‘main hustle’}.

If your business is getting let down by your branding or you're ready to grow rapidly over the next year, I can help.

When you trust me to brand your business, I help you attract the customer you want. That's the specific customer you want. I also help you create more margin for your products and services by implementing a premium aesthetic. But if you're really trying to grow, it's more than that.

I stop that feeling of 'too hard' and 'never gonna finish' by quickly getting your branding established and usable.

I stop your business being ‘full of potential’ and create branding that helps realise that potential.

I remove the need to ever rely on complicated and time-consuming DIY design gimmicks again.

Instead, I give you easy to use, editable design files so you can keep your content fresh and limit future design costs.

And I do all this simply and efficiently, so you can keep the main thing, the main thing.


And here’s what I do if {you are an established business looking to refocus and refurbish the effectiveness of your brand}.

If you're ready to hand over the reigns on your branding - so you can focus on your core business - I can guarantee you an efficient, productive experience. I take the pain out of design by giving you professional insights and doing all the technical stuff.

When we work together I help you develop a coherent visual strategy and then implement simple, intuitive tools to help you manage the whole thing. I help you stand out in your market and continually ‘wow’ your customers with your consistency and sophistication across all your platforms.

And if you’ve just decided to hone in on your most ideal, most profitable customer, I help you nail your branding so you can chase that growth.

Regardless of where you and your business is at though, when we work together, I go into partnership with your hopes, your dreams and your possibilities and help you grow into the business you always aspired to be.

So that’s what I do.

Got something you want to work together on? You can find out more here

Sarah x

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